Aerial Cinematography

Experience professionalism from our pilots and producers from the moment of take-off to the landing of your project in our full editing and production studio.

Aerial Photography

Whether you are looking for real estate, architecture, or natural scenery we have the expertise and technology to provide the best quality aerial photos

Outsourced Drone Video

We provide timely output for national news sources, agencies, and production houses. We have worked with firms on both the east and west coast ensuring timely video is powered by Chameleon Communications who – since 2014 – has been producing Award Winning video communications for organizations nation-wide. This work has included aerial cinematography from the beginning.

In 2014 the FAA permitted Hollywood film and TV production companies to use drones on set. The advent of high-quality professional drones ensued and Chameleon began to see a demand since aerial cinematography adds so much to a production.

The quality of their filming was fantastic and added so much production value to final production. I now have a go-to camera team when my company is in Wisconsin.” Kate Geis, Emmy-Award Winning Producer & Director”

With increasing requests for aerial cinematography from school districts, to production firms, to real-estate companies, Chameleon invested in certifications and equipment eventually launching Aerial videography has become a specialty and we are honored that firms visiting Wisconsin engage in our drone services.


We have had the privilege of travelling across the United States to capture drone footage of real estate, cityscapes, and everything in between. Take a look at our work to get a feel for the flexibility we have to shoot just about any terrain.