Drone Photography

We provide exceptional aerial photography for any professional occasion that requires the best imaging.

Drone Photography

Drone photography offers a unique perspective that can only be achieved from the air. Aerial photography (or drone photography) gives you a wide-angle view that allows for breath taking scenes and full encompassing portraits. Whether you are flying low over a river, or soaring above city sky scrapers, the versatility of drones allows for even more options then helicopter photography by virtue of size. We have the best DJ1 drones with high-end cameras to give you the professional shots you need. 


Often photos are not as vibrant as desired. Or the image looks fantastic but there is as flow in some way and creates a “fly in the ointment” as they say. In most cases, we are able to digitally enhance your image to liven up the colors. We can also edit out portions of the photograph that either don’t belong, or that ruin the overall composition. We have even removed cars from parking lots and added bushes landscapes!

High Quality Photos

There are many things that go into a quality image. One of the most important aspects is the equipment you use. We have two different types of DJI drone cameras that both have 1″ sensors capable of shooting 20 megapixel photos with a maximum bit rate of 100 megabits per second. In addition, our equipment has adjustable apertures from F2.8 to F11 like your professional DSLR camera.

Flexible Solutions

If you are looking for marketing pieces that require icons, fonts, or borders for your images, we can do that. In addition, aerial borders surrounding specific geographical areas can be highlighted or entire regions colored in. It is often nice to label specific buildings or properties as well as streets if needed. We offer all the aforementioned flexible options for your images ensuring you have all you need.

“Chameleon’s aerial drone video gave our project an added dimension. By giving our audience a different perspective, the drone footage gave our video a fresh, unique feel that we could not have been more pleased with.”

Jenny Robinson, Owner, Isthmus Instruments

“Chameleon’s team was able to take our vision and project our company as a major player in the market but still allowed us to stay local and relevant. It was all through the use of skillful editing, local drone footage, and smart directorial guidance. Thank you Chameleon and the team at DroneVideoAerialPhotography.com!”

Joe Nemeth, Wisconsin Home Buyers Network

“Not only were their areal photos first class, Chameleon was a dream to work with. They are absolute artists with a keen attention to detail. I would not only highly recommend them but I most definitely will engage their services again! Thank you Chameleon for a job extremely well done!!”

Patty Gallun Hansen, Former Executive Director Cedarburg Chamber of Commerce

“Our thanks to Chameleon Communications for the excellent aerial footage of Spring Lake Retreat! The drone footage and creative use of the antique farm tractor to create the on-location walk through scenes helped us feature our 104 acres of natural beauty for the campground and retreat center. Great job Chameleon!”

Jeremy LaSage, Owner – Spring Lake Retreat

“I think the drone shots really showcase the size and scope of our business which is what differentiates us from other companies. The video gives our webpage a cleaner and more up to date feel as well as creating a separation for us as a company from other fabricators.”

Gayle Woerishofer, VP Argo Industries, Inc.

“The Chameleon team had both the technological capabilities, using drone technology and innovative camera work, as well as the marketing savvy to recognize opportunities to create that emotional response we were looking for. We created two full-length campaign videos as well as two shorter, captioned versions for social media promotion, which served our storytelling purposes well.”

Kate Winckler, APR (Former) Director of Communications & Marketing, Oconomowoc Area School District